Others―Our self introduction


Our self introduction

The good leader. She is curious about everything. Sometimes she becomes crazy when she works till midnight. She is with good ability and great efficiency. Living mademoiselle lives in Tokyo.

The great engineer. She is strict with others as well as herself. She is the one carry on all the work before the deadline and the one who may save the whole team. Our team could not finish any work related to computer without her. She has beautiful big eyes. The powerful existence in the background.

Usually, she takes things easy without taking a managerial post. She is the cute noisy girl in every class. She work as an executive committee of an athletic meet, where she masters Excel (This has turned her head). Her playfulness annoys Yamauchi sometimes, however in a good way. She likes comic books very much.

The one who do all tasks with and only with her smartphone. She is fearless enough to make an appointment with enterprises without being nervous. She is a powerful girl in the basketball team. Her charm point, is, her pink smartphone cover! She is often spotted eating eats snacks, and, as you may imagine, being begged by Akira for her snacks. She is a huge fan of Japanese idol boy group.

Totally not related, but she is the leader of life committee. She is slim and tall. Though her name has no relation to the bear, her nickname is "Kumada" because she likes a bear's character very much. ("Kuma" means bear in Japanese.)