In this page we will introduce our summaries and discussion.




・We will discuss from three perspectives.
・Improving awareness of sustainable seafood.
・Corporation with company and consumers.
・Consumers' attitude.

Improving awareness
When we tried to test our hypothesis, we face the issue that the awareness of sustainable seafood is quite low. Even using sustainable seafood products are effective for solving this problem, with the low awareness, it is impossible to carry out this method in Japan.

Thus, we made leaflet to raise the awareness and we also distributed it with questionnaires, aims to test whether the leaflet can change consumers' attitude. As a result(Solution① Leaflet), the effectiveness of leaflet had been supported.

We also produced promotion video. We hope viewers could realize his problem through our website and take eco-friendly actions. "MANY VIEWERS" means "many people regardless of age or gender". SNS is effective for younger generations however not for elderly people as many of them don't use SNS frequently. In order to spread it for elderly generations as well, we suggest places where they actually buy products, such as supermarket, will be a good place to raise their awareness of sustainable seafood. Additionally, company's cooperation is essential as well.

Corporation with Company and consumers
It is suggested that consumers should be aware of their responsibilities with this problem and make positive actions towards it.
However, our research showed that, few, if any supermarkets and restaurants in Japan is taking their action of using sustainable seafood. Therefore, not only consumer companies should take actions in using sustainable seafood. We believe that two-way corporation is very important.

Consumers attitude
Many consumers think that they do not have great influence or they have no choice when sustainable seafood is not on sale.
However, as the owner of the earth we are important. More importantly, the earth not only belong to us but also the next generations.
Instead of blaming and depend on others we should take actions from ourselves.
Your choice is very important as it reflect your message to the society.
Rather than the price or the freshness of seafood, we have to take SUSTAINABILITY into consideration for our future!

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