Cosideration―Expected future

What influence do our action have on social trends.


Expected future


We predict social trends toward consumers and government・companies.

Consumers We expect to change in consumers awareness through increasing recognition. We can predict that they activity buy seafood having "certification mark" for the future. Then our active affects various institutions and leads to change social.

Goverment・Company We predict the government cooperation by sustainable seafood is becoming popular.

In New Zealand government cooperate with fisheries cooperative, and supervision their fishing. Tackling sustainable seafood may become popular. For example, the distribution of aquatic products which have no certification mark may increase, although it's unfamiliar at this time.
The product with certification mark is so common abroad. We can assume that the sustainable seafood will increase on a menu at a restaurant.

The sustainable seafood will be activated in Japan, if such kind of movement like New Zealand become more popular.
We believe that we can protect the Japanese traditional food culture as well as eel and sea by increasing the certification mark for various fishes.

We will discuss from these perspectives!