Take action―What we can do

We will explain what we can do for this problem. All of those are easy to start.

Take action

What we can do


・What we can do?

There is a lot of things what we can do for this problem.
Here we will list 3 of them.

①Choose Please choose eco-friendly products from today.
There are some smartphone apps tell you which is the sustainable seafood now. Additionally, not only supermarkets, restaurants using sustainable seafood are increasing as well.
There is also imitation eel which made of fish paste and can be used as replacement of eel. We tested the imitation eel produced by Ichimasa.Co. The taste and texture were exactly the same with real eel. Eating imitation eel in daily life and on real eel on Doyo-no Ushinohi can be considered as a good way to we can protect eels and preserve traditional Japanese food culture.
 Daily life...Imitation ell!     Doyo-no Ushinohi...Real eel!
Imitation eel     Real eel
Taken by us


Please ask the shop clerks questions considering where the fish was caught and how the fish was raised. In this way, shops could know what consumers want. Your attitude may actually raise the awareness of sustainable seafood.


As someone who understand this problem as well as sustainable seafood, it’s your turn to tell!!!
Please tell families and friend around you and raise the awareness of sustainable seafood.

Our action may change the society...!?