Take action―The influence of Consumers'

Is there anything that we can do for this problem?

Take action

The influence of Consumers'


We have to realize that as consumer we can have great influence on companies and the fishery.

In the previous pages, we concluded that more and more people will be aware of sustainable seafood and eel catch declining.
Here comes the new question!
What can I do as a single consumer?

One should never ignore the influence of consumer!

Groceries and production industry pay great attention to what consumers' needs. If we have more a common awareness and interest in sustainable seafood leads the grocery and the production industry to be aware of it as well. In this way more and more parts of our society will take eco-friendly actions.
The influence of Consumers'


We should stop blaming companies and the fisheries for the problems and take actions from our self!

What are we can do for this problem?