Improving awareness―Summary

What kind of results were we able to obtain with our leaflets and promotion videos?

Improving awareness



・The summary of effect of our solutions.

First, we posited that the activity and thinking of sustainable seafood could change our minds and help us to make more eco-friendly consumption, which will eventually lead to the solutions to the problems.

Later, we realise that to put sustainable seafood into practice, we first need to tackle with one more challenge ―the poor awareness of sustainable seafood. To overcome this challenge, we have made leaflets and promotion videos. By reading our leaflets, we assumed that people are convinced to buy eco-friendly approved products, even if it is a little bit more expensive, which turns out to be true. That means, our hypothesis that if more people know more about sustainable seafood, more people will do eco-friendly choices when shopping.

Secondly, by producing promotion video and spreading it throughout SNS such as Twitter and Instagram, we could pass the knowledge to the younger generation. We assumed that our PV will be a trigger for them to get to know the problem.

By using these two methods combined, we were able to accomplish our goal which is to raise awareness of sustainable seafood.

What do consumers mean to the society?