Improving awareness―Solution ②Promotion video

We made promotion video to spread our activity by using SNS.

Improving awareness

Solution ②Promotion video


・Here is the promotion video we made to raise the awareness.
・Help us to spread it via SNS.

The purpose of this website is to introduce the eel declining problem and call people into actions which may solve this problem.

Twitter and Instagram have a great influence on our generation, we believed that spreading the PV on SNS is an effective way to spread the knowledge and raise the awareness. Therefore, we made this short promotion video(01m21s).

The purpose of PV is to cause to be interested in website and look it. So we made it including the problem seriousness and sustainable seafood as a main contents.
When they recognized the seriousness of eel decline, they will think

"Why it’s happening"
"What should we do to continue eating eel?"

then they will search about this problem and our website. We assume that if they interest in sustainable seafood, the awareness of MSC eco label and ASC logo will be increase.

This PV has been spread on SNS. More than 619 people (As of January 5, 2018) has watched it.
By spreading this PV, our goal get close to realizing.

We made a summary!