To conserve eel―Price, Volume of eel catch

In this page there will be a detailed introduction of the present situations about eels' from two perspectives, Price and the volume of eel catch.

To conserve eel

Price, Volume of eel catch


・The price of grilled eels is increasing.
・The volume of eel catch is decreasing.

The increasing price of eel is the one of the biggest factors influencing Japanese traditional food culture catastrophe.
The price of grilled eel and research object
According to the Ministry of Public Management, the price of eel in 1970 was 899yen. After 1970 the price went up temporarily and then keep falling. In 2002, the price came to its lowest which is 476yen. Later on in 2012, the price became 1092yen, where a 129% increase of price has been seen.

Based on:総務省統計局HP

How many eels can we buy with 1000 yen?
In 2002, 1000 yen can buy 2 eels while in 2012 can't afford 1 eel!!
The price is far from what we can afford!

Volume of eel Catch
According to the Ministry of Agriculture, in 1985 the volume of eel catch was about 40,000t. However in 2005 if falls to half which is 20,000t.
See the graph below for more details.
Fluctuation in domestic natural eel output and cultured eel output
Based on:農林水産省「漁業・養殖業生産統計年報」

The rate of 3 generations' reduction

The rate of 3 generations' reduction is 72~92%.
As it take eels 4~15 years to become mature. Eel has been added to the officially "endangered" species list in Japan since February, 2013.

What is the reason for declining?